Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

OneCard ElitePlus is a robust web-based recharge suite that simplifies the way individuals and businesses top up various services for themselves and others

How does it work?

OneCard ElitePlus works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on the website.
  1. Fund account with desired amount through OneCard account below stating your account code (ElitePlus registered phone number) when paying.

Acc Name: OneCard TopUp Services Ltd

Acc Number: 0137981877

Bank: GT Bank

Start Recharging.

What services can I recharge on OneCard ElitePlus?

You can recharge; mobile, Internet, Cable TV and Electricity plus any other service that will be added unto the platform.

How safe is the credit in my account?

Your account is safe and secured and can only be accessed by you using your secured password. Your login credentials are confidential to you and must not be disclose to anyone.

How do I resolve a complaint or enquiry?

As an ElitePlus user, you are assigned an account officer immediately you register, you may call your account officer to resolve any issues. You may also call our dedicated customer care unit on 08039012001 or send us an email at

Will all bonuses and services from service providers be enjoyed if I use OneCard ElitePlus to recharge accounts?

Yes, you will enjoy all offers from the various service providers and additional ones being offered by OneCard

What do I do if my payment is not credited to my account?

Your payment will always be credited to your account. If you notice any delays please call your dedicated account officer or contact our care center on 08039012001

Do you accept internet banking payments?

Yes we accept internet banking payments, ensure you indicate your account ID in the narration.

How do I know the status of my TopUp request?

There is a confirmation message accompanying all successfully initiated TopUp requests, additionally, on receipt of TopUp a message from the specific service provider will be sent to the receiving account.

How long does it take to have my account Topped up after payment has been made?

TopUp of your account will usually take 10 to 20 minutes after payment. However, depending on other variables which may be outside our control, bank confirmation may take a while. You are advised to please set a threshold.

Do I need any additional equipment?

You do not need additional equipment. You will only require an internet enabled device (phone, tablet or computer).

Will I be charged any fee for using OneCard ElitePlus?

There are no charges for using OneCard ElitePlus. Use is absolutely free.

How much I’m I required to pay for TopUp of my account?

You may pay any amount you desire to TopUp your account.

Where is your physical office?

Our business name is OneCard Nigeria. We are located at No 56, Olorunlogbon Street Anthony Village. Lagos.

Do you have a questions for us?

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